The Live-streaming Platform of 11th Kid's Expo China Achieved Complete Success


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Exploring a New Mode of Exhibition:
The Live-streaming Platform of 11th Kid's Expo China Achieved Complete Success

On June 12th - 14th, a three-day online event (a new exhibiting mode of the 11th Kid’s Expo China) was successfully held, setting an innovative precedent as a service provider in the field of preschool education.
The complete success of this online event comes from the joint effort of all parties, including the Guangdong Provincial Association of Private Education & Preschool Education Professional Committee, Guangdong Province Early Education Association, Guangdong Early Education Research Institute and Guangzhou AUCH Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. And thanks to the great support and enthusiasm of all the participants from preschool education field, the live-streaming platform receives positive feedback and will continuously offer better service.

Quick Overview of This Online Event:
Over 10 live video streaming
Over 200 famous brands of preschool education
826 online orders
4,320 minutes for purchase and transaction
130,885 hits and views
Since the outbreak of Covid-19, Kids’ Expo China has been actively exploring different ways to expand the communicative and collaborative platform as possible, arranging a series of heart-warming activities and live video streaming including the Reform and Development Conference of Preschool Education, public lectures given by well-known principals & teachers from Guangdong Province & especially Dongguan City, topic discussion of the transition from kindergarten to primary school, etc. This time, Kid’s Expo China can be easily access online, aiming to enlarge the audience size as another pioneering undertaking for educational exhibition.
With over ten-year experience, the organizing committee of Kid’s Expo China has accumulated abundant information resources and established a huge and comprehensive database. Before the implementation of the online event, small steps were taken gradually for the exhibition innovation, such as combining the resource of past editions with the Y-LINE Platform so as to create the synchronization of the offline event and online sharing. There’s no doubt that online Kid’s Expo China is mutually beneficial, not only for the exhibitors to promote their brands with wider customer base, but also for the visitors to pick up information with lower cost and greater convenience.

Best Choice for Brand Promotion
Online Display + Live Video Streaming + Brand Promotion + Online Shopping Sites

♦ Own the exclusive shopping site
♦ Dozens of live video streaming held at the same time
♦ 24 hours online service support
♦ Intended customers will be invited through phone calls and social platforms
♦ Online promotion and shopping sites
♦ Constantly advertising for brand promotion
♦ Several publicity channels and media partners
One-stop Platform for Purchase and Learning
♦ Brand promotion online with products directly supplied by manufacturers
♦ Live video streaming from well-known professors and educators
♦ Placing the orders and engaging in knowledge sharing without stepping outside
♦ Visiting the luxurious exhibition halls, factories, application scenarios online
Various educational kinds of companies display themselves multi-dimensionally
Though adversely affected by the Covid-19, educational brands staying strong usually indicate their solid business strength. Therefore, we committee organized more than 200 carefully selected companies to display their brands and products on the platform with 8 functional modules, such as Featured Courses, Solutions to Kindergarten’s Activities, Design and Decoration of Kindergarten, Preschool Educational Equipment, Integration Services for early and preschool education, etc. so as to classify various kinds of brands for quick search. Besides, image text and motion videos, concerning of the enterprise’s development history, working environment, main products, etc. are displayed in detailed page for each brand, creating a direct overview of brand strength and helping match the right partner according to your purchase need.
In addition, different from the traditional mode of exhibition, online exhibition provides live video streaming of over ten manufacturers during the exhibiting period, displaying the offline stores and inside view of the factory to the audience with product attribute, function and price in details. During this two-day live video streaming, about 57,855 audience were attracted and had an immersed sense when the distance between the merchants and customers were greatly shorten.
The combination of motion video, image text and live video streaming help the exhibitors display themselves in various dimensions, deepening the audiences’ understanding of preschool educational brands and maximizing the effect of brand promotion.

One-click Ordering with Favorable Price
During the three online exhibition, dozens of products with favorable price were another highlights for the public. Without the complicated publicity stunt and opaque concessional terms, promotional products were sold at the clear marked prices with unprecedented discounts. Besides, thousands of high-quality products at low prices on the online shopping sites were well received, covering the whole range of early, childcare and preschool education including the featured courses, teaching tools and equipment, product customization, etc. Within the warm and harmonious atmosphere lasting about 4,320 minutes, all the exhibitors from the fields of preschool education took this chance to explore business opportunities, and enjoy the great convenience for brand promotion and cooperation.

Advantages of the Online Shopping Sites
♦ Place the order online
♦ Lower cost of purchase
♦ Industry-wide participation
♦ Detailed information of products and orders reserved permanently
♦ Rapid and convenient line services for consultation
♦ 24 hours * 365 days available

Online Courses Given by Well-known Scholars
As the ancient Chinese proverb goes, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Therefore we organizing committee is concentrating on creating a platform for knowledge sharing and teaching guidance. On the June 11th and 12th, two well-known scholars were specially invited to give online courses on the Y-LINE Platform. Courses were free of charge by live video steaming for all the users, breaking from the precedent as the series of online courses for preschool education.
On June 11th, Professor Mr. Cao Zhongping from the School of Education Science of Hunan Normal University, gave an online course about how to match the toys used as assistant learning tools with the kindergarten teaching. Related guidance and valuable practical experience was shared with the audience, providing instruction on how to improve the educational function of toys, avoid the learning tools disconnecting with the teaching courses and how to set the framework of kindergarten play-oriented curriculum.

On June 12th, Mr. Zheng Fuming, supervisor from the School of Education of South China Normal University, led a course based on the Guideline of 3-6 Years Old Children’s Learning and Growth, at the same time concluding the method of preschool mathematics education in daily life and kindergarten activities.

These two live video streaming mentioned above totally attracted 21,575 hits and views with thousands of real-time comments and feedback. The online courses also led a further discussion among the kindergartens’ teachers, educators and parents about the hot topics in the field of preschool education. In addition, the playback entrance keeps high heat with many a users paying great attention to the current educational trend.
Combining the online courses with the offline exhibition tightly, Kid’s Expo China would like to popularize the professional theory and knowledge of preschool education, allowing all the participants to have deeper understanding of education and put into practice. In days to come, Kid’s Expo China will keep acting as the bridge linking the kindergartens, institutions with enterprises of educational fields, integrating more high-quality resources and putting forth effort towards the development of early, childcare and preschool education.

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